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Patchman Soundbank.rarl =LINK=

"Matt at Patchman Music has come up with several great sounds for the EWV2000 and EWI3000m. They respond beautifully and allow for lots of expressiveness and variety of dynamic and color. For non-programers and programers alike I urge you to check out these patches. Many of these patches are extremely fat and lush. All are quite interesting in composition. I look forward to working with them! Upon an initial try many patches felt very comfortable and allowed me to play with great ease of execution. This is no easy feat. Finally there are some sounds that make the EWI feel and sound like a real, living instrument. Bravo Matt!" Bob Mintzer, world renown recording artist, sax and EWI virtuoso, arranger, with the Yellowjackets. EWI Virtuoso Jeff Kashiwa of The Rippingtons comments... "I recommend visiting for the best EWI sounds. Thanks Matt!" Jeff Kashiwa, Sax and EWI virtuoso with The Rippingtons and solo recording artist. EWI Virtuoso Ed Calle comments... "Your stuff is great. I am just starting to get the EWI back in shape for the new tour and will be using your sounds extensively. All the best." Ed Calle, Grammy Nominated, Sony Latin Recording Artist and wind controller virtuoso. Has worked with Steve Gadd, John Pattitucci, Arturo Sandoval, and many other top professionals. "GET PATCHMAN VOLUME 1 FOR EWI3000m TODAY! Smooooth analog leads! Killer chorded Brecker patches! Super Moog basses! Usable string emulations! Beautiful flutes! Did I mention smoooooooth analog leads? This is a must have patch library! I was truly amazed at the care and love put into the patches... To my fellow EWI3000m sufferers - this Volume is REAL relief. Buy it, and buy it now. It's money well spent. To Matt and the good folks at Patchman - thank you, thank you, thank you."

Patchman Soundbank.rarl



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