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Pimsleur French Transcript

I would encourage even visual learners take the same approach. If you try it out you may be surprised that the auditory approach works pretty well when your focus is on improving conversational fluency. (After all, in the real world there are no flash cards or transcripts.)

pimsleur french transcript

Femmes et métiersFR 1.023Recordings (interview, vocabulary and grammar exercises) of unrehearsed interviews with French women about their careers; designed for intermediate-advanced students; accompanying written material includes: 1) Introduction to the type of work done by the interviewee; 2) Portrait of interviewee; 3) Vocabulary; 4) Tape transcript; 5) Structural exercises; 6) Comprehension questions; 7) Suggested discussion topics and improvisations; 8) Related text from a French newspaper, magazine, novel or government document.

Le français des affaires 1 + 2Two 1/2" VHS color videocassettesProduced by Didier/Hatier; 37 separate sequences; designed for intermediate and advanced students interested in learning business French; communicative approach to learning enhanced through real-life, contextually-accurate interviews with 30 businessmen and women in seven French companies; accompanying 192-page student book contains written and oral exercises with answer key, glossary of terms, transcriptions of video material.Each video: 50 minutesTotal time of video series: 1 hour 40 minutes

Monnaie et crédit: la Bourse1/2" VHS color videocassetteWell-chosen images and interviews that help explain the workings of the stock market; for advanced students; produced by Centre National de Documentation Pédagogique; transcription available.22 minutes

Reflets français1/2" VHS color videocassette (3 copies)Produced by Bernard Petit in 1992; intended for use by either beginning- or intermediate-level French language learners; includes the 40-minute program Eric Vincent chante in which the singer performs a number of his songs, talks about his background, his favorite musical themes and rhythms, his houseboat, and Paris; also includes Tout Paris, a 17-minute tour of Paris narrated by Liliane Wilk; accompanying study guide includes video transcripts, questions, cloze activities, song lyrics.Total time: 57 minutes

So, I went back and had every single Russian Pimsleur lesson transcribed. I know that sounds insane. But, I hired an English-Russian transcriptionist to type out everything that said in every lesson. Interestingly, I found that Pimsleur Russian covers 101 dialogues over the course of the 90 lessons.

Fortunately, when I had all of the transcriptions done, I also had all of the Russian phrases translated into English. This means that I can look at all the unique words through the lenses of both English and Russian. Using English translations of the Russian content, there are a total of 4,881 words in those 693 spoken lines. That means that, on average, each line is about seven words long.

Although the episodes are intended for lower-intermediate learners (B1 on the CEFR scale), intermediate and advanced learners alike can benefit from these short, 5-minute episodes. Viviane posts transcripts of each episode with a photo of the original headline on her website, Oui-speakfrench.

Though major platforms only have a handful of episodes, there are over 1900 available on PodBean dating back to 2006. You can pay for a subscription to her newsletter to receive the transcript to each episode in your inbox.

i began a pimsleur course in arabic, got maybe five lessons in and then switched to a long-term spanish pimsleur course (150 lessons) and am halfway through it, planning to return to the 90- lesson arabic course when finished with spanish. the results of my little work on arabic are astounding: i live in detroit and encounter many arab people and when i use my 20 or so words that stuck with me they all claim i speak them perfectly. i am amazed and very encouraged.

with respect to pimsleur in general, i use it in the car and find it does not interfere with my driving. i would not otherwise have the time to proceed as i have. one observation i have is that the blank spaces of time are useful to me as i rapidly repeat the (now) spanish phrase over and over before the next instruction, in an attempt to engrave it in my muscle memory. it is my theory that when i get to the point of trying to understand fast conversation, i will have the language sounds more deeply absorbed, and that when i speak i will be closer to native pronunciation, than if i had just caught the meaning and pronunciation once and moved on to the next question. you seem to mention leaving those seconds silent, but i think my method is better. but reading your comments leaves me with another worry: am i proceeding too fast? i only repeat the lessons that give me lots of trouble. so out of 70 so far i may have repeated 10 and these only once. maybe i am too impatient, but am i rushing too much?

Regarding your original post, HelenM6, unfortunately we've never given the option of printing the full written transcript of the lesson - only the conversation taught in each lesson. However, the audio lesson has always been downloadable by clicking on the download icon. In order to rewind while streaming the audio file, you can either use the 10 second forward or backward buttons, or you can click within the progress bar to adjust.

I really love the teaching style of Rocket Languages. However a written transcript of the lesson is VERY helpful for visual learners. I typically listen to the introductory instructional lesson while driving or walking. I am not at a desk to stop the audio to write notes from the lesson as if I were in a physical classroom. If I had a written physical copy, I can highlight the key concepts. That helps me remember more.

Am I just not being clear here? I know I can print what is already in written form. THAT is not a transcript. If this is something that is not at all available in the Arabic lessons, then I am then requesting that it be worked on as an improvement to a very good program. I am especially thankful that it is in the Egyptian dialect.

Thanks for your posts. Most of our language courses include transcripts of the full audio lessons so learners can read along as the lesson plays. Unfortunately this feature is not yet available on Rocket Arabic, I'm sorry, but we're hoping to have them ready to go within the next few months.

Hi there. I am also having difficulty downloading PDF transcripts for rocket Spanish. Ive used Chrome and duckduckgo. Both do not work. it trys to print the whole webpage not specifically the transcript or other extra. I was under the assumption that all materials were able to be downloaded and used offline for each lesson. That was a major selling point for me because i spent most of my time out at sea and im only in port for a short time. I feel all of this could easily be simplified by just adding a clickable download button for each lesson part or whole lesson with the extras. what would really be amazing is if it were possible to downloads entire modules at once. This would be a HUGE help for when im out at sea for months at a time. I appreciate your help. thank you

Thanks for your post! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with the lesson printing. At the moment, if you print an Interactive Audio lesson page, you will see the conversation, as well as extra vocab. Unfortunately, being able to print transcripts is not something we have ever offered. It sounds like it's something you would find helpful, so I will pass this on to the product development team. We would need to have a few more learners requesting it before any decisions were made.

This is kinda misleading. I mean yes you can print/save the webpage with most of the material on it but i feel that's kinda sloppy on the development side. It's really a waste of ink if I print it. Or distracting if I save it as a pdf. Why would I need unclickable play buttons on a pdf or paper? I'm not trying to be a pain but this is why I bought this product. The description from the company led me to believe that I could download/print a clean looking transcript with the audio similar to pimsleur. Also it seemed likely that the extra material in each lesson was able to be printed as well. i figured that everything could also be saved in the app because that seems to be the norm amongst other similar products like duolingo and lingo deer. I just assumed rocket language was on par or even surpassed these other products.

thanks a lot for that. i appreciate it. As far as your question. I'm still on the fence. I really like the content the course provides. i think the audio, although similar to pimsleur and spanishpod 101, is good quality and has good content. The fact that I can't take the majority of the material with me is a big turn off given my situation. I realize you can't really change the course and I understand why. I'm just trying to justify the price. As I said, the content is good but I'm not sure if it justifies the price tag. If the app itself was able to hold the complete lessons minus maybe a couple things like voice recognition then I could see the value in the product. but only being able to really use an audio clip doesn't quite cut it. I will try to get what I can out of it and see if I can make it work but as of now I'm not sure yet. thanks again for your timely reply. it does mean a lot. 076b4e4f54


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